Everhour integrations

I have set up and linked with everhour with Google Chrome extensions, but still it doesn’t show tasks on everhour site. For linking to tasks, we need to link from projects from Asana? I couldn’t find project on my Asana page…

Hi Sato, this is Waclaw from Everhour here!

Do I get your problem right that you would expect to see a list of Asana tasks appearing somewhere in Everhour so that you could pick one and start tracking time?

If the answer is yes, it is not fully like that. We assume you still work in Asana as in your PM tool and you can find our timer directly in Asana after installing a browser extension:

Once you start tracking yout time, we feed it in to your Time page and reports in Everhour, where you could see all tasks you have been working on. Alternatively, you can open your Everhour account, then Time page and add tasks from Asana from the Timesheet view:

Was it helpful? Feel free to write us at ask@everhour.com with any other questions you have!

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Hi Waclaw,
Thank you for your advise. But there isn’t any button that you showed me on the Asana page. That’s why I’m asking… How I can fix it?


I wonder if the new Asana list view broke the Everhour button display?

Oh good catch @Phil_Seeman

You should ensure that you have our latest browser extension version, @Phil_Seeman. You can download it for Chrome and Firefox by this link - Time Tracker Extension by Everhour. No timer in Safari I am afraid as we temporarily stopped supporting it.

After this is done, please log in to your Everhour account and then go to Asana.

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Do you have tasks located in Team projects? I believe you are trying to track time in tasks without any project - Screenshot by Lightshot

I’m using the latest version of Chrome extension. And I asked the person who assign tasks to me and made sure all tasks were located in the projects even though I cannot find “project” on my Asana account. Is there any way to solve it…?

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This is a problem if you don’t see projects. It means for us you still have no access to them and we can’t initiate time tracking without seeing that you belong to projects.

A workaround could be if your manager makes you a full user and creates private projects for your tasks.