Using Everhour after trial period to track time on single tasks - where "play" button goes?



Hi, I was using Everhour some time ago during trial period and it was very fun, now I decided to buy Everhour to be able to use it further. Unfortunately I don’t see this very useful button on each task, I remember it was red triangle (like “play” button) on the bottom of each task visible on board view. Pressing that button, Everhour started to track time of given task. Is it gone for good, or do I making something wrong?


Hey I suppose that you will need to reach everhour support in order to help you with this issue :slight_smile:


Maybe I didn’t explain it clearly - I meant button on Asana task, on Asana web page, not on Everhour page


The button is loaded on asana due to everhour chrome extension you have installed. The javascript code of this extension belongs to everhour. If something is not working correct is happening to everhour’s end. Ask for their help :slight_smile:


you were right, thank you. I asked Everhour and their answer helped:

“Hi, I see that you have reconnected your Asana, it’s also important to have the latest extension version that places this timer next to your tasks.
This is the link to download it -
After this, please log in to your Everhour account and then go to Asana and refresh its page.”