Everhour timer stopped showoing up in Asana


My start/continue buttons no longer show up in Asana, so i can no longer track my time to projects; this use to work fine.

I tried loging in and out of Everhour and Asana. I checked in Everhour:

  • Account => Integrations => Asana is shown as active (I can even Force Sync)

I checked Asana:
My Profile Settings => Apps => It shows "I have authorized the follwing applications with Asana Connect => Everhour is listed

I tried logging in on multiple computers and multiple browsers, but still cannot see the timer.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.




Hi Nate, can you make sure that you have the latest version of our browser extension? The link to download it is https://everhour.com/extensions


Hi @Waclaw_Wolodko! If you need to you can also reach out to Everhour support team following the link in this article: https://asana.com/apps/everhour :wink: