Time tracking button in the 'actual time' field

It would be great to have a little ‘play’ button on every task in the ‘Actual time’ field. There’s currently a stop button that appears when you start tracking, so why not have a play button on everything else? My team and I tend to switch between lots of different tasks so this would save a lot of clicks.

Screenshot 2023-06-08 at 09.28.13

PS thanks for adding time tracking! We weren’t paying for Asana before but we WERE paying a lot of money for Everhour, just for time tracking. Everhour’s Asana plugin did add a play button next to each task like I’m describing here.

Upvoted, the play button only appears currently when you click into the cell. I imagine it is because some people may track actual time manually rather than play button it so it allows for both options.