Uninstalling Everhour


We decided to delay our implementation of Everhour after testing it for a few days. I deauthorized it, but I still see it in new tasks and I’m getting reminder popups to connect. Even though it’s deauthorized, it still allows me to track time. How do I remove this completely from within Asana?


Hi @Gary_Koeb, I just went through this exact thing. Unfortunately you have to wait until your trial period is over before you can delete your Everhour account when then fully removes it from Asana.


Thanks for the reply and sympathy. As it turns out it is tied to the Browser Settings. If you disable the Everhour browser extension and restart the browser, the problem should go away. Who knew?


Even better. Glad you found a solution. But do you still have an account at Everhour? I don’t like random accounts hanging out there for me. I’d have to delete it.