Manage/delete app integrations?

Is there a way to manage app integrations? In particular, I went with Hourstack over Harvest for the moment. I am not sure if the time tracking icon was there before I connected Harvest to try it out but now that I don’t need it, it takes up space. Not a big deal but thought I’d ask.


Should be able to go to My profile-Apps and de-authorize what you don’t want any longer and see if icons disappear.

Hi James thank you for the insights. unfortunately, the “timesheet” button in the topmost section still links to the Everhour when I have already deactivated it and activated Harvest. I have logged out and back in again, any suggestions? Thank you for your time.


It might be a Chrome extension? I would check there to see if there’s one installed for Everhour that you can remove.

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I agree with @Phil_Seeman , it is most likely the Everhour extension which is still active.
Just to add: once you have removed it from your browser, remember to refresh/reload Asana so that the ‘Timesheet’ button goes away.

@Richard_Sather I have the same problem after trialing the Harvest integration. It is not a Chrome extension. In My Settings > Apps, Harvest Time Tracking is an Available App, with an Activate toggle and no other control. Even when that toggle is off, the user interface for Harvest appears on the Task controls bar. That seems like bug 1.

There is no option to Deauthorize the Available App. That seems like bug 2, or bad product feature 1.

This is a problem because I want my colleagues to use the built in Asana time tracking that we specifically upgraded to Business to receive, and the button for Harvest is counterintuitive for that internal time tracking workflow.

Hi @Peter_Dresslar1 , I cannot recreate your issue. By simply toggling off Harvest under the Available Apps should remove the icon from the task details. I assume you have refreshed your page and tried to login to your account using an Incognito/private browser window?

I think it might be best that you contact and report the above. You’ll be in a queue, though, and if you keep updating the thread you’ll fall to the end of the queue so you’ll just have to wait for the reply.

Eventually sussed out the fact that the icon was appearing for only one of two teams… thus realizing I had another setting somewhere.

It’s a team-level setting called " Enable Harvest integration for the TEAM NAME Team." It is there regardless of the Available App toggle, apparently.

Team Settings → Advanced → “Enable Harvest integration” (off) removed the Harvest UI from our tasks.

Thanks for your help.


Ah nice one @Peter_Dresslar1 ! :clap:
Glad you found that, I had forgotten about that toggle. Good to know the global toggle doesn’t override the Team advanced settings :sweat_smile: