Issue with Asana + Harvest Integration

Did I just miss the notification, or is Asana removing the Harvest integration on November 7 and not telling anyone? We confirmed with Harvest that Asana is removing this functionality in their apps. There is a work-around, and we’re trying it. It is a browser extension but there is no solution for desktop apps.

Asana, the reason we use Harvest and not your time tracker is because it integrates with our billing software. If your goal is to shift users to use the Asana time tracker, are you also creating a billing solution or a way to integrate with software like Quickbooks? Also, noting that in order to use your time tracker, we would have to upgrade. Yet another way you’re pushing your users to spend more money. I get the business strategy, but at the same time, at some point users may get to the point of frustration that they start leaving. I urge you to consider this as you’re rolling out (and removing) features.


I too relay on the Asana / Harvest integration.
Disapointed it’s being removed.


Now that Asana is deprecating Harvest Integration in the app and web UIs, does anyone have any tips on how to manage that change if we use the Asana App.

The Asana Web UI can be managed using the harvest browser add-on, but there’s no option for that in the app…

Bit miffed that this thing we rely on is being phased out, particularly since it’s been there since day one of using Asana.

My team have just lost our Harvest integration even though communication said it was being removed on the 7th.

We’re now relegated to the browser plugin which doesn’t work nearly as well.

We’re not sure what to do, I think we’ll be leaving Asana because replacing Harvest is harder.



My team’s in the same boat, we just lost our harvest button a few moments ago.

The browser plugin doesn’t work nearly as well, it’s a real bummer.

I think for us, Asana is on the chopping block.

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Feeling your pain. I have been reporting any issues with the new browser plugin to Harvest. They have been very responsive and helpful to listen to any issues that exist. I do agree though, it’s a shame that Asana is pushing people to use their own integration but don’t have way for it to integrate seamlessly with bookkeeping software. It’s not so much that their timer is good/bad as it is that it lacks integration. Add the integration and open it up to lower tiered plans, and I bet you’ll get a lot better adoption.

I just checked this morning and @Gordon3 is right - Asana has indeed removed the Harvest integration completely!!

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Killed in our Asana/Harvest set up also. The chrome extension has made no difference in bringing it back, despite comms from both parties. I’m assuming this is a widescale problem then.




They heard you! :slight_smile: It’s back (using the browser plugin).

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I’ve been using the plug-in for the past 1-2 weeks since I found out about this Harvest integration removal but even that is not showing up in Asana!

@Joseph_Sadok try refreshing. I had the same issues this morning and then it magically appeared again moments ago. Update: I’m using Chrome.

I’m still not seeing it but got in touch with Harvest support and they said “our engineers have since tracked down the source of the issue, created a fix for it, and submitted it for approval with the web stores for each browser extension. Their approval timelines can vary from a few hours to a few business days”

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This is really odd. Sometimes I see the timer icon, and other times I do not. I’m also conversing with Harvest and will provide them the detail.

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Plug-in works in firefox right now FYI. Still waiting on other browers.

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This has been a very disappointing transition. It doesn’t help that they pulled the plug earlier than what was communicated to us as the transition date, 11/07/23


Asana really made it sound like the browser plugin was going to provide the same functionality as the built-in integration. The Harvest extension only allows you to start a blank task with no connection to Asana. It has had this functionality for years. Not being able to have the Asana task linked in with the harvest time input is a huge step back in functionality.

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@Garth I’ve noticed that it only starts a blank record after you’ve just created the task. It seems to work fine on a task that already exists (or refresh the screen). That of course was prior to today’s changes by Asana. Harvest confirmed to me that Firefox is working, and I just checked and can also confirm that it seems to be working. The updated version should look like this:

Harvest says they are waiting on Google to confirm their version.

Hi everyone, and thanks for reporting this issue! The Asana + Harvest integration is supported by Harvest and the team received reports about the app being removed from Asana. They have confirmed the issue will be fixed soon. You can follow updates here:

I recommend you to reach out to the Harvest support team if you have any questions!

In regard to Asana built in time tracking, we really appreciate your feedback. We will consider it as we work on improvements to this feature.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Awesome! The browser plug in did not work yesterday but it appears to have brought the timer back to my Asana tasks today. Wahoo!

It was a bleak 24 hours of manual time tracking…