How to remove Harvest button?


Is there a way to remove Harvest button form tasks?
Before, there have been tab button and i want it back :smiley:

First - i activated Harvest.
Secon - i returned to Toggle.
Thiurd - i disabled Harvest form asana.

An ideas?


Feature request: Customizing task header icons

Hi Filip,

I raised the same concern, and I was told to create a Feature Request – here it is:


Your issue is that you removed Harvest from Asans and it still shows? Looks like a bug to me :thinking:


Hey @Filip_Gren!

Can you double check if you disable Harvest both:

  • In your own profile Settings (refer to “Harvest for Individuals” in the article below)
  • In your Team Settings (refer to “Harvest for Teams” in the article)

I often see users disabling it from their profile but not from the Team itself!

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Tags from action bar

Hi @Marie ,

In, I can’t see instructions about how to disable Harvest, neither for myself nor for the team. Because of my locale, I’m being redirected to the French version, but does it say how to do it in the English version?

I’m not aware that anyone in the team has activated Harvest, but anyway the icon is there in the Task bar since the beginning, and I can’t make it go away.


You can replace “fr” by “en” in the URL to get the English version :+1:


Right, thanks Bastien.
But then again, @Marie, Harvest is deactivated both in my profile and in all of the Organization team’s profile, and I still see the icon in the task details pane’s toolbar.


Oups, apologies for sending you the wrong link @Normand_Brousseau ! @Filip_Gren One last thing to try if you haven’t yet is to clear your browser’s cache. If the issue persists, feel free to send some screenshot of what you see to our support team ( so they can look into this further for you!


Hi - I have exact the same problem. I killed all extansions from harvest - also the browser cache. But the harvest button is still there. pls help me!


Hi @Dennis3! Have you tried to follow the steps outlined in this post above? How to remove Harvest button?


I did so. but the button is already there. also cleaning cache. I am desperate.