Harvest app not working in desktop app and not visible in the settings anymore

I was regularly using Harvest app from Asana to time track. but from last year, the harvest clock icon stopped showing up in Mac desktop app. I was able to use it from browser.

Recently I noticed that it’s not available in settings to add Harvest app on both desktop app and browser.

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That’s right, Harvest is not available for the app version as of a few months ago but is available for browser version. More info here:



@Jaimin_Patel ,

Also, just to clarify, this is not an Asana-generated browser add-on. This is provided by Harvest so you’ll need to look for it in the browser’s app store. :frowning:

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Has anyone figured out how to get harvest to remember the project like it used to? The extension works so much worse than the previous integration.

Can you create a dedicated thread please? thanks

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