Feature request: Customizing task header icons


I notice in the individual task header that recently, the Label icon has moved to the More actions menu, whereas the Harvest Time icon has appeared :


We make an extensive use of the Label feature, but now we have to select it from a secondary menu (2 more clicks). On the other hand, as an Organization Admin, I only have to decide once whether we are going to activate Harvest or not (and for the time being, we are not) – however, I keep seeing its icon all the time.

I would appreciate if it would be possible to customize the global task header in order to make specific icons (such as Harvest) disappear, or shift down to the More actions menu.

Of course, we wouldn’t want everybody to change the task header’s appearance all the time, so access to modifying it could be reserved to organization admins.

How to remove Harvest button?

Anything new on this request?

It seems I’m not the only one to want it: