Icon field as part of a task name

I don’t think I’ve seen this request around, so let me go ahead and post the idea here: having an (optional) icon/emoji field next to/as part of a task’s name.

We constantly use emojis in the naming of our tasks to quickly give information of the “type” of task it is. While on a board view you can do this through custom fields, for example, this is the only solution we have found to communicate this information on a calendar view.
If one of our tasks is experimentation, we will use :microscope:, if a task is related to communications we show a :speech_balloon:. If a feature is being globally released :earth_americas:, if it’s a soft-launch :desert_island:. And so on.

This is something that Notion does very well, allowing you to choose even a custom icon.
Screenshot 2023-07-04 at 16.48.20

:point_right: It would be great to have a similar (not mandatory) field, that could potentially work as a custom field (with a drop-down) to keep consistency within a project. If it could also be set through actions, that would be the cherry on top :sparkles:


I agree with you.
Notion’s usability is helpful.

Come to think of it, the project has an icon setting. What about the same image?

I also gave feedback on the Japanese forum.

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Oh, I hadn’t thought of the project’s icons, that’s a good point.

However, for us personally the default emoji keyboard would still be more useful:

  • While the project icons are nice, they are very project-focused (showing boards, checkmarks, etc.) and quite limited.
  • Using default emojis would also allow us to unify naming and imagery with other tools that we use, since it’s universal.

But I’d be curious to see maybe even both things: the default emoji keyboard, and Asana’s custom emoji library. :eyes:

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