Being able to create custom task icons that visually indicate type of work / channel / etc. in Calendar View

Like an envelope for “mail”, the instagram icon indicating channel Instagram, etcetera. These icons should be visible in Calendar View before the task title. This would immediately structure / clean up the calendar view enormously, because now you have to describe the channel or output in the title task. So we have to mention in every task “Write Instagram Post about…” or “Newsletter friday: New spring arrivals” and so on.

You could also do this by showing custom icon tags or custom fields (icons only) in Calendar View…

Hi @Helene, thanks for reaching out! You could achieve something similar by adding emojis in the task title and also including custom fields with colors:

Screenshot 2021-03-25 at 07.00.30

I hope this helps!

Hi Emily, thank you for your suggestion. This was my first thought too and I tried that - but emoji options are very, very limited. There is no emoji for “blog post” or “podcast” or “instagram post” or “facebook post”. It would be helpful to have standardized icons for this that are useful in Calendar View: like a presentation icon, a meeting icon, a podcast icon, an e-mail icon, a facebook, twitter, Instagram and Pinterest icon, etc.