Enhanced information shown on items in My Tasks > Calendar

Is there any way we can get just a little more information to show in the My Tasks > Calendar view? This layout is brilliant for understanding (from the employee’s perspective) what we’re working on in a given day. The issue is that it’s showing too little information as-is. In the screenshot example provided, how do I know which of our clients a given task is for? I suppose I could switch over to the Portfolios view or something; or click each of the tasks to expand them. I guess I just feel that with good UX on this view, I shouldn’t have to.

Any chance we can get an option in there (maybe a preference to toggle) that allows us to display additional fields from the task on that calendar view’s tasks? That would change our whole experience with how we’re using Asana right now. Thanks for listening!

Hi @Will_Ashworth

one way you can do this now is to create a custom field for Client, giving each client a color. Then in the calendar (and Gantt) you can select the color option for client. All tasks will then be shown by client color.

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This is a good idea, thank you. I think for us, we’re already using colors to identify the clients. It’s just that some of our clients have similar colors; and you also have to memorize and rely on the color (and they can change without notice).

Having something visible to identify the client or project name (rather than just the task name) may still be very useful to a lot of people :man_shrugging:

It would be nice to have custom icons in fields that would show up like the tags. Then you can use the client’s logo, like their browser icon version for this representation.

@Will_Ashworth, If your tasks are not already subtasks, making them subtasks of a task simply named with the client’s name would be a workaround, because Calendar View shows the parent task name of every task, as do some other views (but not Timeline View). You may not want to go to this trouble, but it’s a workaround option currently where there unfortunately aren’t many alternatives.