Asana and Everhour Integration Appears Broken

The Everhour “timers” that are integrated in each asana task to track time have disappeared and time is unable to be tracked from the “my task” view. Time cannot be tracked in subtasks - only in the project folder.

Steps to reproduce:

Browser version: Chrome

Upload screenshots below: (Note that the task DOES belong to a project but the error message that is does NOT belong to a project mistakenly appears)

I can confirm this. I converted a task under a project (which contained subtasks), into it’s own project and you can track time. The problem is, each task with subtasks now essentially has to be it’s own project in order for the subtasks to be tasks and to properly clock time to them. I.E. it appears you can’t clock time to any subtasks at all. Super annoying.

I also observed this. Updating Chrome extension to 1.6.90 resolved this issue.

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Glad I’m not the only one! Unfortunately updating the Chrome extension didn’t work for me!

This worked!