Clockify time tracking: subtasks not associated with projects

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I work on very similar projects which can be broken down into a standard list of subtasks. I’d like to track time on a subtask level and project level. Currently, I can do one or the other with Clockify integration. I can track time for the entire project (which means I won’t know how it breaks down by subtask) or I can track time for each subtask. The problem with the second approach is that the subtasks are not associated with their respective projects in Clockify dashboard. So I just see many times for “Task A” for example, but “Task A” exists for many projects, so it’s impossible to see which one is for which project.

Is there another way to structure this in Asana so that the project associations are kept in Clockify? Or should I just switch to a different time tracker? Thanks!

Hi @Robin_Hn,

This is more of an Asana issue than a Clockify one: Asana does not by default assign subtasks to the project of their parent task, which is I’m sure why Clockify is not showing the project.

You could likely solve it by attaching the subtasks to the project - that would I’m sure have the project display in Clockify. (But it has its own drawback in that the subtasks then show twice in the project view.)

It’s possible you could find another time tracker that overcomes this Asana behavior but I’ll bet it’s unlikely.

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Thanks Phil for the breakdown of what’s going on under the hood. While it’s not the “solution”, I’ll mark your answer as such since it does explain why it is unlikely to be resolved until Asana devs make fundamental changes. Thanks again!

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