Unsupported browser on Asana Desktop App in Mac

I’ve opened my Desktop App this morning, as this weird message appeared instead of the app: “Unsupported browser”. I don’t understand what’s happening, and there is a link to a guide that doesn’t help me either: https://asa.na/6ws6r.

This is the image I’m getting. Does anyone know how to fix it?


By the way, on my browser, Chrome, the app is showing correctly:

I have the same issue on my Mac as of last night. Still a problem today.


I’ve had the same issue fro a few days. Need to resolve asap please!

Also having this issue. Has anyone found a solution?

I also have the same issue!

I have the same issue too - any ideas when it will be resolved?

I downloaded the latest version of Asana and that fixed the issue for me. Here is the link.


That’s the trick that fixed it for me just now. Thank you Brian M.

Same, thanks Brian.M

Thanks a lot, Brian!