Asana Desktop app - Google Docs links opens in odd "unsupported" browser

Google docs links opens up in a Asana desktop app built-in browser with limited functionality and odd behaviour - how can it be set to open in the default Mac browser Safari or Chrome? Currently I have to copy the link in Asana and paste into Safari. Ideally the built in Asana browser should be improved so that downloads can also be handled instead of handing over to the default browser - which in the case of Safari Mac also opens up a blank tab which has to be manually closed.

Hi @Malik_F_MD_RC, thanks for reaching out! Could you please try setting Chrome as your default web browser, restart your desktop app and try again? You can find the steps in this article: Make Chrome your default browser - Computer - Google Chrome Help

Hi Emily

Chrome is already set as the default browser

Websites clicked in Asana desktop open correctly in Chrome

However, Google documents links opens in a strange built in browser

Frankly the built-in browser is convenient avoiding the delay in switching over to Chrome however it would need to function normally

Best wishes, Malik

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I have this exact same problem. Would like Drive links to open up in Chrome, too.

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Yes this is a serious problem. I think I will have to switch off using the desktop app due to the problematic google docs functionality. Even tho otherwise, the desktop app is terrific.

Google docs and drive is a HUGE part of my work and having to copy and paste into a browser for full functionality is pretty annoying.

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@Emily_Roman I have the same issue as the people above. Chrome is set as my default browser and I’ve used Asana within Chrome for many years. However, I recently downloaded the asana app and it opens my google drive and a weird asana browser.

Hi all, thanks for reporting this and sorry for the trouble here! I’ve gone ahead and escalated this to our engineering team. They are working on some improvements for this behaviour and we hope to have a fix soon. I’ll keep you posted!


Would like to bump this topic as it is still an issue. Any update from the engineering team on Google Workspace links opening in the default system browser?

Hi all, our Product Team just confirmed that this has been fixed so drive links should now open in the browser normally!