Is it possible to have the Mac desktop app open links in the browser?

When I click on links in my Asana tasks from the Mac Desktop app, all links are opened with the built in Asana browser.

I am not signed in via SSO to my other apps within Asana.

How can I force links in the app to open in my default browser (in this case Chrome)?

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Hi @Justin_Vencel, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

When using the Desktop app, you will be prompted to open accessed links in the desktop app itself. You will have the ability to open in Asana once or always, or to cancel and open the link in your browser.

Do you not have the option to open your link within your browser?

Thanks @Rebecca_McGrath

I did a bit more experimenting and figured out that it seems to be just links to that open in the Asana browser.

All other links seem to open in my default browser, which is what I would like.


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