When using the Desktop Mac app, I would like all links to open in the browser

When using the Desktop app, I would like all links to open in the browser. I’ve seen this other issue here, but I’ve had no luck in configuring links to not open in the Asana desktop app, but in the browser where I’m logged in to everything. It’s annoying to the point where I may have to abandon using the app.

our of curiosity, why use the app if you want everything opening in a browser?

For the ease of switching windows and having one less tab in the browser. I also use the Slack app and it doesn’t open any tabs in a native browser.

Hi @Daniel_Upton, thanks for reaching out!

You can set all links to be opened in the browser via the Apps section of your Profile Settings :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!

Hi @Rebecca_McGrath,

The setting is there, but the Asana app doesn’t seem to respect it. The app itself still shows the following (see attachment) days after changing it and links still open in the app.

Hi @Daniel_Upton, thanks for following up!

I haven’t been able to recreate this on my end! Could you please try the following:

  • Sign out of the desktop app and be signed in only the browser
  • Toggle the setting off and back on
  • ign back into the desktop and see if the changes are now synced

Please let me know if this resolved the issue for you :slight_smile:

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