Asana links only open in browser, not in desktop app

So, links to Asana tasks or projects open in my browser instead of in the desktop app. (windows 11)

I’ve checked my desktop app settings and it is set to “Attempt to open Asana links in the desktop app” ok.
If I click on “Change setting in browser” and see what’s there, there is nothing there about this setting. (screenshot attached)

I have run through the browser troubleshooter and that hasn’t fixed it to show this setting or fixed the links to open in desktop app. (I’m using Firefox 116.0)
I am using our work (Business) version.

How do I show this setting and/or override it and/or just get the links to actually open in the desktop app???

Hey @Reuben_Baker, As for now new tabbing in Asana - is in development. So soon we all be benefiting from it!

Hi @Reuben_Baker, thanks for your post and I’m sorry for any inconvenience caused by this.

As @Xenia_Cubrac correctly points out, new tabbing in Asana is in development at the moment and our team is actively working on this to be ready as soon as possible, and again I apologise for any limitation this may cause in the meantime!

Thanks for your patience.

Thanks Xenia – Looking forward to it :blush:

Will Asana start posting to the main forum link so that people know?


Sure, as long as this feature will be 100% live, the upcoming months.

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