Choose browser for links in desktop app

I recently started using the Mac desktop app version of Asana. It mostly works great!

However, I am running into some frustration with outgoing links from my Asana projects. I have all my other tools used in my project logged in on my non default browser (chrome), and would like to tell asana to use that instead of my system default (firefox). My computer is set up this way to fundamentally separate my personal browsing activity from work I do on my projects with clients.

I don’t want to set my system default browser to Chrome, but I want to tell Asana to prioritize it for outgoing links. Can this be added as an option under Preferences > Apps ?

When I used web asana in chrome, of course this was not a problem, as it would just open links in a new tab in the same browser. However I think this would be a valuable option in the desktop app.

PS: In the future it can be extended to handle other deeplinks like opening a Figma/Slack/GDrive link in the relevant desktop apps if installed, as well.


Hi @Keerthik, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

Thanks for providing this feedback!

While the Asana desktop app will only open external links in your device’s default browser at this time, hopefully other options will be implement by our Product team in the future.

I’ll keep you posted and let you know if we have any updates :slight_smile:

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I’m using the Mac desktop app. Some links in Asana open in my default browser, while others still open in the Asana browser. I can’t figure out any common theme, but consistently the links that open in the browser open in the browser, and the links that open in the Asana browser open in the Asana browser.

When using the Mac desktop app, it looks like links open in the Asana app browser, while links open in your system default browser. :man_shrugging:

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Yes, I’m noticing this too. I’d really like links to Google Drive to open in my default browser, not in the Asana browser. (Note this is however a different point than raised by the original post.)

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Yes – this is really annoying. And I tried right-clicking to see if ‘open in browser’ is an option, but no. I need Google Drive to open in my default browser, not in Asana’s annoying internal browser.

Almsot reason enough to stop using the desktop app. Any way this simple fix can be implemented in before the end of 2021!?!

The issue of links to Google Drive opening in Asana seems to have been fixed. My links now open in my default browser.

I use multiple browsers on my Mac. when opening links in Asana Desktop app I would like the links to be open in a defined browser (e. g. Chrome, Edge) but not the system browser (i. e. Safari).

ideally there would be an option in settings that would override the system browser.

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Agreed! Would love to be able to choose which browser links from Asana desktop open up in.

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If you unlink your drive app in settings, it will open in your default browser!

This is happening to me. My default browser is firefox. But all of a sudden the links are opening in Safari in a separate browser window. These are links to my google drive and safari asks me to give myself permission to access my own documents…what might be happening there?