Mobile device incompatible

Hi everyone
I wonder if anyone can help me. I want to download the app on Google Play but it tells me my phone is incompatible. It seems pointless only being able to access Asana on my computer when I don’t always have access.

I am also new to Asana so please forgive my questions if it has been answered before. I cannot find topic in the community.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Hi @Lesley_Langham
What type of phone and what Android version are you running?


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I suppose that would help :blush:. Android 6. My phone is an Extreme 8. One of those that mobile operators. My other phone is an LG which is also apparently incompatible.

Welcome to the Forum @Lesley_Langham and thank you for the follow-up information.

The reason why you are getting this message is because Asana’s Android app is currently compatible with Android version 7.0 and later.

Sincere apologies for the inconvenience Lesley! Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with!

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Thanks for the feedback. I’ll see if I can update my phone os.


I have the same issue with my android phone. I would have to buy a new phone in order to be able to download the app. Why can’t I use your site via the browser on my phone?

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Same here. The app worked on my android 6 phone up until very recently. When I reformatted my phone it now says incompatible.

It’s a big part of my system that’s missing if I don’t have mobile access, and buying a new phone just for this one app seems a bit much.

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Same here! I agree with Carl that buying a new phone just for this one app seems a bit much. I am curious, what is the developer’s consideration by only let this app compatible with Android 7.0 and later? Just why?

I too am struck by this issue - and can simply not understand why disallowing acces through the browser is a thing when simultaneously building your app purposfully so that a number of users can’t gain access. I would like to see a browser acces alternative so that all your clients actually can use your services