Make iOS app work like Asana or allow Asana website to load in iOS browser

Myself and others hate the iOS app because frankly, it doesn’t work like Asana. We use Asana because it’s fast and flexible for tasks and subtasks, why doesn’t the app work the same way? It makes absolutely no sense sorry.


  • Are there plans to make the iOS app work like Asana does?
  • Are there plans to allow Asana to load in iOS safari so we can use Asana on iOS?

Feature request: Either of the above options works but would prefer if the App just worked the way Asana does.

Any update on this guys? Even more pressing with the update from last week to web app, not been able to use asana properly on the iPad which I’m sure is a key tool for a lot of people these days and the iOS app is a blocker rather than an enabler unfortunatelly :frowning:

Asana doesn’t seem to understand what makes the website version so great, or doesn’t agree, or maybe thinks apps should work differently as a matter of principle (or UX conventions etc)

But the end result is that a native app is more painful than a website to use. And not being able to work around the app by using Asana on an iPad is mind-numbing.

Obviously we’re in the minority which is a shame.

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