iOS 11 IPad app Keyboard shortcuts



It would be great to have keyboard shortcuts for iPad app in iOS 11 +
This would greatly enhance the productivty of those of us that work on the go on an iPad with a keyboard, especially iPad Pro with the apple keyboard.
Things like creating a new task with Command + N or opening the search with Command + F, and going to your Inbox/My Tasks with a Command + Shift + H
Simple things like this would make the iPad app go a long way to quickly creating tasks and navigating around with the keyboard attached. Especially when multi-tasking


Has this been done yet?


Not that i can tell, very disappointed in the iPad presentation, without full screen for specific task panel or project panel leaves this app severely lame making the information this app presents useless.


+1 on this. I use my iPad Pro with a keyboard attached to it a lot and I’m really missing keyboard shortcuts.


+1 - this is a relatively easy enhancement that would instantly make the iOS experience better. Especially since the new iPad Pros are shipping next week—with many Asana users joining the iOS-only world—the Asana app really needs to up its tablet game. Keyboard shortcuts is low-hanging fruit.


This is an absolute necessity. Currently on free package. Will absolutely upgrade but mainly work on IOS so will have to choose another app if the ipad app is not functional.


So sad, that there are NO shortcuts on apple ipad / keyboard… definetely a missing feature for mobile usage…