iOS 11 IPad app Keyboard shortcuts



It would be great to have keyboard shortcuts for iPad app in iOS 11 +
This would greatly enhance the productivty of those of us that work on the go on an iPad with a keyboard, especially iPad Pro with the apple keyboard.
Things like creating a new task with Command + N or opening the search with Command + F, and going to your Inbox/My Tasks with a Command + Shift + H
Simple things like this would make the iPad app go a long way to quickly creating tasks and navigating around with the keyboard attached. Especially when multi-tasking


Has this been done yet?


Not that i can tell, very disappointed in the iPad presentation, without full screen for specific task panel or project panel leaves this app severely lame making the information this app presents useless.


+1 on this. I use my iPad Pro with a keyboard attached to it a lot and I’m really missing keyboard shortcuts.


+1 - this is a relatively easy enhancement that would instantly make the iOS experience better. Especially since the new iPad Pros are shipping next week—with many Asana users joining the iOS-only world—the Asana app really needs to up its tablet game. Keyboard shortcuts is low-hanging fruit.