Introducing Keyboard Shortcuts on iPad

It’s my pleasure to announce new keyboard shortcuts for iPad users!

Asana iOS keyboard shortcuts let you navigate quickly between app views, take quick action on tasks, and save time while processing your inbox.

Keyboard shortcuts are available in Asana iOS v7.17+.

The shortcuts:

Switching between views
Press command (⌘) and a number to cycle between application tabs.

Task actions
Like or unlike: ⌘-K
Mark for today: ⌘-Y
Mark for upcoming: ⌘-U
Mark for later: ⌘-L
Set due date: ⌘-D
Add subtask(s): ⌘-S
Assign task: ⌘-A
Assign to me: ⌘-M
Add tag: ⌘-T
Add to project: ⌘-P
Mark as milestone: ⌘-Shift-M
Complete task: ⌘-Shift-Enter
Copy URL: ⌘-Shift-C
Create comment: ⌘-Shift-K

Inbox actions
Follow or unfollow: F
Archive or unarchive: I

Comment actions
Add collaborators: ⌘-F
Send comment: ⌘-Enter

Note that keyboard shortcuts are contextual in Asana iOS - the available shortcuts depend on the view. For example: to use task shortcuts, you’ll need to tap in the right pane first.

Not sure what shortcuts are available? Just hold down the command (⌘) key and Asana iOS will show you a list of available shortcuts.

Hope you all enjoy!


When are you going to add basic support for text formatting like bold/italicize/underline/lists??

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Where is the command key on an iPad or do you actually mean a Mac?

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I feel like they are talking about users who use THIER iPAd more like a laptop with the detachable keyboard. The keyboard has the command key. At least that’s what I’m thinking. :wink:

I should probably look into one because my typing on iPad tends to capitalize or add words I never intended to capitalize or add. Lmbo. As in the comment I made previously. lol. Sorry

Hi Shannon

Good thinking! Thanks.