Asana for iOS 11 - what do you think?

By now you may have already seen this blog post about Asana for iOS 11.

New features for Asana for iOS 11 include…!

  • Drag and drop photos (and soon, files) into Asana
  • User profiles
  • Import files
  • Improved VoiceOver support
  • Give feedback with likes
  • Mobile calendar, coming soon!

What do you think?

As someone who uses and iPad Pro as their primary work machine I was very excited to see this update. I was especially excited to see it came on the same day as the iOS 11, which gives me some hope the iOS app will be getting more attention from Asana going forward.

Things I particularly appreciated:

  • The task pane on iPad so that I can see the task list while also working with a specific task.
  • The ability to attach files.

In future updates the thing I’d most love to see is more of the core Asana features that are currently missing from the iOS app. The most pressing for me would be having the ability to add tasks to Later. One of the most common things I do in Asana is triage My Tasks, I do it multiple times a day. However right now I can’t really do this on iOS (and in particular on iPad, which as I mentioned above is my main work device), because I often move tasks to Later while I do this.

Apart from approaching feature parity which in my view should be top priority, it would also be wonderful if the Asana iOS app got some usability improvements. One example here that I’d find particularly helpful would be the ability to drag/move/edit multiple tasks at once. This would help enormisly for triaging My Tasks as well.

I have many more ideas/thoughts but I’ll leave it there for now :slight_smile:.

Happy to see the iOS app getting some attention, and I look forward to a day when Asana isn’t one of the only services that’s requiring me to continue to carry my laptop on a daily basis.

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@Malo thanks so much for sharing! It’s nice to hear that you enjoyed seeing the releases on the same day and that the task pane and ability to attach files resonated with you. We can understand your desire for feature parity (makes sense!) and hope that the iOS app will meet your needs more and more over time. :slight_smile:

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