Select Multiple Tasks While in The Calendar View


I’ve been enjoying using Asana for the last few months, however the lack of ability to select multiple tasks whilst in calendar view is becoming a bit of a dealbreaker. I am aware that you can select multiple tasks while in a list (or search) however this is not very helpful for when trying to allocate tasks for a week ahead. Other management tools have this feature and even allow the user to drag and multiple drop tasks in the calendar view.

Is this a feature that could be implemented into Asana in the future?


Hi @DanielBendo have you looked at using the Timeline view to do this? It only works in projects but I actually find this a much easier view to work with than the calendar.

If it is for tasks in your My task list then you could try out Instagannt. check out this article for more info

Also really need this feature to click on multiple tasks and click and drag.