Taking bulk actions in Asana List view just got easier!

Hi everyone :wave:t3:

As part of our effort to develop and improve our new project List view, we’re introducing a brand new multi-select experience! Starting today, you can multi-select tasks and take actions (ie: set Assignees, Due dates or Custom Fields) directly from your project list view!

A snazzy toolbar will also appear at the bottom of your screen, allowing to:

  • See the number of tasks selected
  • See sums up of your Custom fields
  • Add the selected tasks to a project
  • Move selected tasks to a different section
  • Copy/paste the URLs of the selected tasks
  • Delete these tasks
  • Mark selected tasks as Milestones or complete

Have a look at this handy article for some screenshots and additional info!

We’re hoping this new multi-select experience will give you more clarity on what impact you’re having when taking actions in bulk!

This update is already available to 100% of our users and as always, we look forward to answering your questions and listening to your feedback in the comments below!

Have a great week!


@Marie Did this new multi-select experience remove keyboard shortcuts for adding Assignees, Due dates and tags in bulk?

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This is very problematic to our workflow. Please see my post below:

and this (Allow to action fields hidden from project list when multi-selecting tasks) similar one. The Asana’s proposed “fix” for the issue at hand is not helpful as it forces us to treat asana like a huge excel spreadsheet when we have lots of fields and tags to work with. Lots of activating and deactivating shown fields in the project view would be necessary, and would be a massive pain for us.

Please revert this, or at least give us the option to view the details section again when selecting multiple tasks.


Hi @Brian_Massey :wave:t3:

Our team is aware that shortcuts are currently not working when selecting multiple tasks; they’re looking into a solution to re-introduce them but it’s proving to be challenging! @Natalia and I are both following this task and we’ll make sure to keep you posted via this thread as soon as we have an update!

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Thanks Marie :slight_smile:

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Hello Marie,

I think this was stated in a similar way above, but I got this new feature today and it appears to offer no real new functionality while taking away some significant features I used to use in my workflow.

Previously when I selected multiple tasks I could see a “combined” task details screen that allowed me to update all custom fields, dates, assignees, etc in one place

No longer being able to see the task details when i select multiple tasks means that I am no longer able to do any of this as easily. Instead, I need to update fields in the “spreadsheet” view, which is much less clear that it is actually going to bulk-update. I can use this to bulk-update things like assignee and due dates, which is fine, but was much easier and clearer under the old system

The SIGNIFICANTLY worse problem is that now it appears that there is no way to update numerous other fields at all by bulk anymore. Any custom field that is on the project but is not set to display in the task view can no longer be updated in bulk at all anymore. Even worse, things that ARE on the task list view don’t appear to be editable in bulk anymore either. Specifically, two major things I used constantly (using the combined task details to add multiple tasks together into a new project, and into a different section of the same project using the drop-down) appear to not be possible anymore under the new bulk action flow. I can’t see any way to move bulk tasks between sections without dragging them (which is very difficult on projects with hundreds of tasks and multiple sections), and I can’t see any way to add bulk items to an additional project at all (clicking the “project” field in the task list does not do anything).

Honestly, I am usually all-in for all the new changes and features Asana releases, but this one does not seem like it was well thought out or is just not ready at all. I think this should be reverted until it becomes possible to access the same “combined task details” view that we previously had using the new system.

Thank you


One correction to my post: I did find that I can edit projects from the project field; you just have to click directly on the listed project rather than to the side / next to it. Other critiques are still valid though, the biggest problem is the loss of the ability to easily change sections and not being able to update fields that are not visible on the spreadsheet view

Hey. After the last update, I encountered a similar problem.
Previously, there was a function “remove this task from project” for several selected tasks at once.
Now this is not possible and it is necessary to clean each task individually.
It would be great if we could remove tasks from the project en masse.


As outlined here and here there’s lots of issues with this update.

Really hope for a quick rollback or fix.


Following to know when this is fixed, I would honestly rather go back to how bulk actions worked previously. I just read another post about how much we love tags, which I do, and now can’t use them properly. Please let us know once you have an update @Marie!


Sharing some more feedback here. I think the new update is making the update of multiple tasks harder for the same reasons as other members already shared.

I really miss the lack of adding/updating tags easily and I hope for a quick fix or a rollback.


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It’s not possible to duplicate selected tasks. Will this feature be introduced in future. It would save a lot of time spend in creating tasks.


Agreed. The change has really interrupted my workflow. If the task details section comes back, I’d be able to stomach the rest of the changes.

I’ve figured out how to bulk assign tags now (had me really stumped for a while - the new feature tooltips didn’t explain this), but am also greatly missing the ability to move multiple tasks within sections by selecting from a list rather than dragging.

I am also struggling with the changes as others have mentioned above – can someone from the Asana team give an update about this feature change?

Hi everyone and thank you so much for your feedback so far! We’ve already made some iterations based on your comments above, so just wanted to give you a quick update:

  1. The shortcuts Tab+A and Tab+D have been fixed and are currently operational! cc @Brian_Massey
  2. We’re also shipping a solution to allow you editing custom fields not displayed on the grid, directly from the new multi-select toolbar; see screenshot attached. (Please note this update is currently available to 50% of our customers, it should be rolled out to the remaining 50% of our customers over the next couple of days).

I’ll continue updating this thread as we work toward improving the new multiselect feature. Thank you so much for your patience and for taking the time to share your feedback with us!


Fantastic implementation! Great job Asana team!!!


Finally, thank you!

I still think the new editing toolbar is quiet cumbersome but at least we got the functionality back.

Also maybe a little off-topic, but are we the only team that is annoyed by being advertised to as an already paying customer? No offense, but if I am interested in upgrading to business I’ll let you know, please stop shoving the new approval feature in our faces. Especially when it takes up space that could be used for something else.

That’s great, can we also have Tab-T back? :slight_smile: