Need help with recurrent tasks and dependencies!

So every week we have parent tasks with subtasks that need to be completed by two team members. The parent task is assigned to Employee A and subtasks are assigned to Employees A & B. At first, we had recurring due dates on the subtasks as well, but we noticed when they are marked complete, that they just stay there and keep duplicating. So we took the dates off.

However, when you mark subtasks complete, the next one automatically shows up on the “My Tasks” list, even if it isn’t due for another month.

We also have parent tasks that are dependent on other parent tasks being completed every week. But if we make it dependent and then mark it as a complete, the dependency goes away.

Long story short - this has created SUCH A MESS. So much inefficiency. Lots of duplicate tasks for the same item. Team members not being notified when the other team member has completed their portions so that they can get started.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

That is the intended behavior, you are supposed to clean up My Tasks on a regular basis, and push tasks to Later if needed, so they can come back automatically (this is called task auto-promotion)

Can you share a short example with fake “named” task here so we can discuss with examples?

Yes, so I clean up “My Tasks” on a daily basis. But the issue with subtasks is that they don’t have due dates, so will they reappear on my task list when the parent task is due? Or are they gone for good once I move them to “Later”? Also, they never have the project label on them which isn’t the most ideal. Also, when you mark recurring parent tasks complete, they don’t reappear on the “My Tasks” list until they’re due again.

Any task without a due date and put in Later will never come back.

This is by design, subtasks are not part of the project.

If they are assigned to you they should appear in Recently Assigned right away? :thinking: actually I am unsure of this one, @Marie?

HI @Bastien_Siebman :wave:t3: If you have the “Recurring task in Later” enabled, recurring tasks assigned to you will not show up in Recently assigned and will automatically be moved to Later. They will then be promoted to Upcoming and Today as the date approach :slight_smile:

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