Recurring tasks and recurring subtasks with due dates

Note: We are on the free tier, so I know some options may not be available to me

We have our monthly bills set up as a recurring task. Within those tasks, are the routine subtasks (getting them approved, getting them input into the system, getting checks cut, etc). However, I am running into some problems.

1. Creating a recurring task that has recurring subtasks (with due dates).
After the first month, I now need to check off the subtask twice - once in the original task where the subtask was regenerated and then in the regenerated overall new task. This issue just keep compounding as the months go by

2. Creating a recurring task with no recurring subtasks.
When the task regenerates it keeps the old deadlines, it does not move those dates forward.

3. Creating a (nonrecurring) task with recurring subtasks.
The problem with this is that I continually have to open each task to see if the overall task has been completed for the month rather than just seeing at the outset that the phone bill has been paid.

4. Create each step as a recurring task - without subtasks.
This makes for a VERY cluttered board that is hard to track.

Any help would be appreciated. Right now I am leaning towards using Option 3 because it is less cluttered than Option 4.

Hi @Samuel_Genson

Welcome to the community and yes the Recurring Sub Task problem is a challenge.

Have a look at these great articles…

For your problem… I will come back with some suggestions on a way to approach…