Recurring tasks created in a past don't create a new one (recurring) task after their completion

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Hi, I found an issue with recurring tasks … The problem is, that the recurring tasks I created in a past don’t create a new one (recurring) task after their completion. I already reloaded browser and re-loged from/into the Asana account again - still doesn’t work…!

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Google Chrome | version 75.0.3770.100

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No screens needed

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Same here.

Seems that works for now in our Asana - may be there was any database lag or overload issue… Hope it will be OK… :slight_smile:

Hi @Honza_Vasik and @James_Thompson_WHS,

Depending on how big is the recurring task, it might take a few minutes for the new task to be generated! @James_Thompson_WHS if you’re still running into this issue, I would recommend reaching out to our support team with the URL of the last task you completed so our team can take a look into it and investigate the issue further!