Recurring tasks: postpone an occurence



Hi, I’ve a recurring task that has been untouched for days. I want to start checking complete the today occurrence, but not the previous as I haven’t completed them. How I can do this in Asana? Because I can only see complete and delete options over a task. Thanks.

Recurring task disappear if not completed on time

Another great question :slight_smile: For this one, you can simply change the due date on the existing instance to the date you want to resume it from and then complete it to kick off the next recurrence. This will ensure that there is not a completed instance from the days that were missed and it will pick up the recurrence from the new set date.


Another nice solving answer :slight_smile: - yes, this also solved!

Thanks again @Kaitie, this is appreciated.


Does this also work if I want to change the due date of only one instance of a repeating task? For instance, I have a weekly task, but I’m late on it because of I’m waiting for a client. So I’d like to make the due date show up tomorrow instead. But I don’t want to change all future due dates; only this week’s. The interface doesn’t seem to show that’s possible.