Keep reoccurring tasks from populating until a later date

I run a service based business with reoccurring tasks.

We use tasks as “stops” our technician must make.

We use sections for days of the week.

Once our technician marks a task completed, it auto-populates the same task for the following week-which can be a bit confusing when you’re in the field.

I’d prefer that new task not populated until the end of the week or at least the end of the day.

Is there a workaround or automation for this ?


Hi @Brit_Foshee

At present when a recurring task is completed it automatically creates a new tasks with the new associated Dates. There is no direct work around or automation for this.

What you could do under the previous My Tasks view was that for the Assignee they could set those recurring tasks to always goto the Later Section and only populate through to Today when the tasks starts.

Now unfortunately with the New My Tasks view this is not how it currently works when the tasks is complete the new Task automatically appears in the Assignee’s Recently Assigned Section. This would definitely cause confusion and frustration, and alot of us are feeling that.

Asana have advised that the fix for this is a fast follow feature and they are working on it.

I hope this helps…



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Why is it confusing?

Thanks for asking!

Our technicians aren’t the most technologically savvy so when they complete a task and the same task auto-populates for next week, they often think they need to remark it as complete which creates quite the problem as that task then won’t appear in the following week.

Right now, we just do a manual “route audit” but that is very time consuming for the team.



What you could do is have an Excel file ready with tasks for everybody, and load it yourself every friday using the CSV import. There must be a way in Excel to shift all dates automatically by a week :man_shrugging:

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