How to Remove Subtaks from all Sections automatically appear when a new post is created?

I’ve set up a list of subtasks for each section of the project.
Each task is reoccurring.
When it is completed a new task appears, however
The tasks appear in the same section and contain ALL of the subtasks from each step of the project.
These are not relevant yet to the newly created tasks
How do I create the new reoccurring task from the completed task with 0 initial subtasks?
Thank you

You shouldn’t use recurring tasks but instead have a rule that says: complete task > create new task. It should fix your issue!

Hi Bastien

Thanks for your reply!

We tried this, however, the primary need is for recurring tasks for content management:

The reoccurring tasks are there because the same 5 tasks reoccur each week:
Monday HOT Job
Test Tuesday
Wednesday wins
etc et, over a 12-day rolling period.

Some are bi-monthly reoccurring tasks (how would these be schedule to appear bi monthly if not recurring?)

In create tasks there is not option to create a schedule without it being a recurring task.

I’d appreciate your support in this .

Then what you need is my tool to create “real” recurring tasks that don’t carry all subtasks.

Thank you Bastien

I will look in to this.

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