Auto-Populate Recurring Tasks… No? why not?

We have used Asana for years, but we have always struggled to find effective workarounds for the fact that recurring tasks dont auto-populate.

IMO, there simply must be an option for recurring tasks to auto-populate ALL future dates (up until a specified end date).

Otherwise, its impossible to view your upcoming workload of recurring tasks until you’ve completed your current tasks. We should be able to view recurring tasks and deadlines months ahead of time.

Recurring tasks are NOT the same as contingent tasks. In other words, future assignments/deadlines are a future deadlines, whether or not the prior deadline was met.

The fact that the recurring task function does not allow for auto-populate ahead of time is a huge frustration.

Hi @Iammee_Kyle and welcome to the Forum!

As it stands recurring tasks do not populate all tasks with future due dates; the next recurrence is populated only when the previous task is marked complete. We initially made this decision to avoid crowding your Calendars too much, but we’ve received quite a lot of feedback on this topic, so hopefully, this is something we can address in a future update. Iff you haven’t yet, I would highly encourage you to add your vote to this other thread in our #productfeedback category: Recurring tasks in calendar view. On my end, I’ll be sure to keep you posted as soon as I have some updates!

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Hi Marie,

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I believe the first time I contacted asana about this was at least a few years back (though not in the forum). They said they were working on it then as well. In all honesty, is this a feature that
could actually happen?

If some users would prefer to keep future dates empty of recurring tasks… I mean, couldn’t the developers just allow us that choice when making a task recurring?

It’s a definite shortfall. It’s so essential to know what confirmed tasks are in the pipeline, and we cannot schedule around them if we cannot see them.

We have had to use a workaround for years now: we mark the recurring task complete to trigger the next occurrence and then change it back to incomplete. But for example, we have to do this 52 times for recurring weekly task. Even
for a tiny office like ours, that’s frustratingly labor-intensive for something that could so easily be automated.

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

Thank You,