Re-post recurring tasks at the start of their next cycle

Whenever I mark a recurring task as complete, it immediately pops up again in my list and it feels like I haven’t actually made it through my task list.

I’d like to see the option for recurring tasks to re-appear at the start of their cycle after they’ve been completed.

For example, on Monday’s I update some reporting for my team. Once I’m done, the task goes away and a new one for next week immediately replaces it. Instead, I think that replacement task for next week’s reporting should re-appear next Monday morning (per my recurring task settings) instead of eternally sitting on my to-do list.

Same for a daily task. Check it off and tomorrow’s task appears first thing before my day even starts.

The current set-up blocks me from feeling productive and I’ve started gravitating towards paper lists again.

Hi @coleylogan,

You might benefit from an Asana setting which lets you configure this just how you want:

Click your avatar at the top right, choose My Profile Settings…, then on that dialog choose the “Hacks” tab, then turn this setting on:

Recurring Tasks in Later
Makes recurring tasks always reappear in the Later section of My Tasks when you complete them, instead of the Upcoming section

Any tasks in Later are auto-promoted when they come due–to Upcoming a week prior, or to Today the day prior.

You can also manually move any task to Later with the shortcut Tab-L.

Larry Berger
Asana2Go & Asana Certified Pro consultant at Trilogi