"Task added to this project" Rule trigger isn't met with repeating tasks

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: “Task added to this project” Rule trigger isn’t met with repeating tasks. Although new tasks are created when tasks set to repeat are completed, if the “Task added to this project” trigger is used within a Rule on a project then the trigger is not met. This doesn’t seem correct.

Steps to reproduce: Create a Rule such as the following and you will find that the Custom Field isn’t set when a new tasks is created (added to the project) as a result of repeating task being completed.


Browser version: Google Chrome is up to date - Version 89.0.4389.114 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Upload screenshots below: Shown above.

More context: This is really valuable in circumstances where you might want to “reset” Custom Fields upon the completion of a repeating task.


Hi @LEGGO, thanks for reporting this! I’m investigating weather this is currently working as expected or is a bug. I’ll let you know as soon as I have more information.

Thanks @Emily_Roman. If it is expected behavior then I would love to understand what I am missing in regards to why a task created from a repeated completed task wouldn’t be seen as “added to a project” upon creation. If functionally it should be seen as any ordinary task added to a project, thus being a bug, then this could be a REALLY powerful benefit to repeated tasks once fixed.


Hi @LEGGO, I just received an update from our product team and they confirmed this is currently working as intended. As it stands, recurring tasks don’t trigger Rules. This works similar to the current limitation for rules that don’t trigger other rules! Our team is aware of this request and hopefully this is something we can implement in the future!


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I would like the trigger ‘Task is added to this project’ to be activated for new tasks that can be created from recurring tasks.

In the current rule feature, there is a trigger ‘Task is added to this project’, but new tasks that can be created from recurring tasks are not recognized as ‘added tasks’, so this trigger cannot be used. Since users perceive new tasks created from recurring tasks as ‘added tasks’, I would like the trigger to be hit.


I agree @Ka_Nishiyama , this is currently quite frustrating as you cannot use Rules to reset custom fields (such as status) to the newly generated task!

Would be ideal for tasks genereted from completed recurring tasks to be considered as ‘new tasks added to the project’.

I’m curious how our fellow @pforumleader @ambforumleader feel about this issue…?


I feel like Recurring tasks are usually a pain as soon as you want to do something a little bit complex…


I agree, I think Asana should do this.

In fact, our Flowsana integration does :wink: . Flowsana rule triggers will fire on a new instance of a recurring task just like it was a new task.


I can see how recurring tasks are a little bit a new task and a little bit not a new task. I think it should have been a choice from the start.

I feel Asana chose the wrong default (recurring tasks don’t trigger rules at all) because there’s no workaround. If they had chosen to allow rules to fire on them, one could have negated that with a custom field and everyone would have been happy.

So now, if they change the behavior to recurrences to start firing, it will break workflows.

So it would need to be a checkbox setting on rules, defaulting to not firing for recurring tasks to avoid breaking workflows, but available for cases where helpful. I think that would please everyone, at the expense of another setting.



Hello, I’m new to Asana and unfortunately can’t find a solution to my propblem.

I have recurring tasks for whom I want to set up the following work-flow:

#1 Task is 7 days before due date → Move to Section “To Do”
#2 Task is 3 days before due date → Change Priority
#3 Task is 1 day before due date → Change Priority
#4 Task is Completed → Move to Section “Done”
#5 New recurring Task → Move to Section “Recurring”

#1-4 are fairly easy. #5 I have no idea how to set it up.

No matter what I try, I cant trigger it to move into a different section.
For clarification, I created the recurring task simply by setting a recurring monthly due-date.

So, when I finish the task, it will create a new task with new due date. All good. But…

Whether I set the trigger to “Task is added to project” or “due date changed” or “section changed”… it’s not triggering anything for the automatically created new task.

Thanks for any help.


Welcome, @anon1232896,

I’m afraid Asana can’t trigger on recurring tasks.

Flowsana.net can handle this, but not Asana natively.

If you weren’t already aware, there is a related setting though it’s not a full solution for you:

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Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
I have repeating tasks, created a rule so that the person completing the task is removed as collaborator when the task is repeated, but it doesn’t work.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. task repeated by Asana
  2. remove collaborators that are specified in the rule

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Welcome, @Mai_Luu,

This is not seen by Asana as a bug because it’s behaving as coded, albeit not the way many of us would want!

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