Add up custom fields in My Task View

Previously, I used the add numbers in bracket hack to estimate time on a task.

In planning my week, it was useful to be able to sum all the estimates across all projects to see whether I inadvertently scheduled 70 hours of work into a 40 hour schedule.

Custom Fields allows me to both add a ‘estimated time’ field and sum the numbers however I cannot do this across projects. In ‘My Tasks’ view, I also cannot see the sum of this custom field even if I only select tasks from the same project.

It would be great to be able to sum custom fields across projects with the name.

Or add back the sum numbers within brackets hack. :grinning:


Great feedback, @Sean_Aquino. I use estimated and actual times fields as well and they are super helpful.

You should still be able to multi-select tasks in your My Tasks list to get the aggregate values in fields on the right- you can see a screenshot of My Tasks for today below.

Can you try this again and/or send a screenshot of what you’re seeing when you do this?

You could also do this in search reports for tasks across projects, and I use this often to see my estimated time for tasks due on future dates.


Yes! this works for me. I think when I initially tried it, I had just created the custom field so nothing was showing up there. Seems like there was a short lag before the tasks in My Task view started to pick it up but when I tried it just now it works exactly as you have in your screenshot.

Thank you! That was very helpful.


Is their more information somewhere that I can look at to get a better idea of how to use this ability to add up custom fields? I can’t seem to duplicate what you have shown here or find any current information on it. Just started using Asana.

Ok, so you have to go to to search then pick option to search for then refine search then add filter then chose custom fields then choose the field that you made as a number value and run report.

So is there any way to add these numbers in a search report automatically?

Here you go @Luke_Casillas!

If you’d like to create an automated report of the sum of a custom field (as @Luke_Casillas describes), Velocity is an Asana integration that lets do exactly that (disclosure: I’m a cofounder of Velocity). You can use a BI-like chart interface to use custom fields as the y-axis, x-axis, group by, and/or filters to create a report.

Here’s an example of how you could use this to create a report that shows the sums of a custom field across multiple projects: