How to get the sum of a Custom Field?

How to get the sum of a Custom Field in a Project ?


Hi @Pedro_GCA

To get the sum, you just multi-select all of the relevant tasks. The total comes up in the task pane:


Or, if you want to look at large numbers of tasks and don’t want the hassle of scrolling down to the bottom, just run an advanced search for all tasks associated with that custom field, with any value, then export the results to csv.

Hope that helps.


Tks so much Mark !!!

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Hmm, I don’t actually see a “total” at all. Can you specify what you did, other than select the tasks? Thank you!

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Hi @Alyssa_J_Gavinski

The total should automatically appear in the task pane, without having to do anything additional. Are you using a number-based custom field?

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I am don’t see a total either when I select multiple tasks. See attachment.39

@Erjon_Metohu Are you sure that “Deal Value” is a Number custom field? For Number field types, you should see the total to the right of where it displays Multiple Values. Perhaps your field is a Text field?


Good call Phil, it was a text field. It works! :slight_smile:

Now, I have a another issue the numbers column is so narrow you can barely see the full numbers and it doesn’t seems you like you can resize column widths. :frowning:

Great call @Phil_Seeman!

If the selected tasks are more than 50 ti will not showing me the total, is there other way?

Hi @Juan_Maceda

The 50 tasks thing is a bit limiting. The quickest and easiest way around this is to export the project as a CSV and just SUM the relevant column.

Does this work with Board projects? I don’t see where it would appear.

You’re right, @Eddy_Hueso; there’s not currently a way to get a sum of a custom field in board projects.

You can get around this by running an advanced search report for tasks within the board project. The search results are presented as a list, in which you can then multi-select tasks.

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The Screenful dashboard for Asana can report sums of custom fields out of the box. Here are some examples screenshots of custom field reports:

It looks like this feature is no longer available in the new Projects setup? After multi-select, the tasks pane no longer opens. Help!

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I have organized my project with sections and relevant tasks. But I wanted to use sections to to automatically aggregate the time spent for each task against and estimated time for the entire section of tasks. Since section cannot take advantage of the fields and I don’t want to use sub task, this solution seems a very manual way of doing this. Does one have to multi select all the relevant tasks each time I want to see the total for all the relevant tasks?


In your project’s list view, make sure your numeric time spent field is visible in a column. At the foot of each column the sum is shown automatically as shown in the image here: Using Asana List Layout | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide

I’d say the simplest approach for the estimated time would be to just hardcode that as text into the title of each section since and it will be available to compare. Another approach would be to have another custom field for estimated time and value that field only on a single added task per section; then it would appear in the footer sum like the other value.

Hope that helps,