[Status Update] Add automatically the total of number custom field to the status update


I have a project in which I have included a custom field that keeps track of the money that I have spend per supplier. I have created a task per supplier and update the custom field every week once invoices are coming in.

Is it at all possible to include the sum om this custom field (which is shown in the list view ofcourse) when I create a project status report? I can add the custom field to the status report but it does not automatically sum the values as it does in the list view and I therefore have to add it manually.

Any thoughts/tips would be greatly appreciated

Hi @Tjerk_de_Boer, thanks for writing in!

We have more information about this topic in this thread: Tally custom field values in advanced search report.

I hope this helps and please let me know if you have any questions!

This is not exactly what I meant. I want to automatically the money spend field in the screenshot below.

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Hi @Tjerk_de_Boer, thanks for getting back to me and sorry for any confusion!

It’s currently not possible to have the total number custom field automatically added to the status update. I’ve gone ahead and moved your suggestion to our product feedback category to allow other user’s to vote. I hope you don’t mind!

Thanks again for your feedback!