Tally custom field values in advanced search report

I’ve got an advanced search report, where I want to pull all tasks completed that have a certain numeric custom field (e.g. hours, or dollar value). The report works fine, but I want to see the grand total (sum) of that field.

The only way I can seem to do it now is to export the report to CSV and then sum the column manually but that’s a bit of a headache, because I have several of these reports I want to run. I’m hoping there’s a plugin that could help with this. I know Asana has a Google Sheets integration, but that seems to only work from Portfolios and not custom searches, right?

The existing functionality lets you select the tasks manually to see the total sum – but you can’t sum more than 50 tasks, so that really doesn’t work for my use case, where I have more than 50 tasks to add up.

@Marie, @Emily_Roman, It appears that the sums of numeric custom fields that were in the bottom toolbar have disappeared. Wondering what’s up?



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There is another topic opened a couple of hours ago about this disappearance. Looks like the only location with a sum is below a section now…

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Hi Larry, this is now resolved :slight_smile:

@Justine_D once you’ve ran your report, if you multi select all your tasks, you will get the sum of your custom field in the tooltip at the bottom of your screen:


Is there a keyboard shortcut to quickly select all the tasks? What if I have say, 100+ tasks that show up? Do I manually need to scroll to the bottom of that list?

Yes! We’ve several shortcut available to multi-select tasks, you can check them out here :point_right: https://asana.com/guide/help/faq/shortcuts

I can’t find a “select all” shortcut but maybe I’m just missing it - can you confirm if there’s a shortcut or another way to “select all tasks” in an advanced search report?

I’m going to add this as a feature request because even if there WAS a shortcut to select all, it won’t sum more than 50 tasks :frowning:

@Justine_D shortcut is: click first task, hold Shift key, click last. You can also cherry pick by holding Ctrl or Cmd. Indeed, no more than 50 tasks allowed!

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When using the reports/advanced search feature, I’d like to obtain the sum if there is a numerical value for one of our custom fields.

For Example, I’d like to determine the sum for story points by sprint for our team based on a report. Since this isn’t something that is available, I’d like to submit this as an item for future feature consideration.

Hi @Malu and welcome to our Community Forum! We already have a #productfeedback on this topic (Tally custom field values in advanced search report), so I’ve merged your post with this existing thread! Make sure to click on the “Vote” button at the top of your screen to cast your vote, and check out the workaround we shared to sum up custom fields from your search results!