Section Sums and Project Sums

Hi all!

When using $ custom fields in a Project, Asana kindly summarize the costs per section.
Asana is even summarizing the cost of subtasks which is great.

However I cannot find where to get a total cost or sum of all sections within a project. Can someone help me where to find this or is this a feature request that I did not find or only available to Business and above ?

Edit: I found that if you select multiple tasks, asana sums the totals for you, is there a shortcut key to select all tasks ?
PS: having all tasks selected always makes me nervous :grimacing:

Edit 2: if you select more than 50 tasks, the friendly summary disapears, back to square 0.

Many thanks !

Hi @Jonathan_Stern,

Unfortunately this is the only work around I can think about.

And this is a product limitation we’re currently enforcing to avoid performance issues - although something we will possibly push back in the future.

Moving this thread to our #productfeedback for our team to consider a solution for this issue in a future update!

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Thank you @Marie_OoO

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