Summarize subtasks numeric value (like section totals)

I have numeric customized fields which are not summarized into their main task.

Am I doing something wrong or this just don´t work like I think?

Task 1 - Prepare computer / Estimated Hours = SUM (subtasks estimaded hours like section totals) = 15 h
Subtask 1.1. - Hard Drive / Estimated Hours = 10 h
Subtask 1.2. - OS temp files scan = 5 h

Hi @Carlos_Orozco,

The sum is only possible with section totals for tasks.
@Bastien_Siebman do you have a solution thanks to your tools?


Indeed Julien is right, that feature does not exist. I don’t have something ready but this is definitely feasible and not hard, in case @Carlos_Orozco you want to automate such a behavior reach out to me!

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Thanks for your answer.

I hope Asana includes this feature soon