Sum/Average no longer works for tasks with 30 over subtasks?

The sum/average feature used to work fine until a recent update. Now I can’t see the sums unless ALL tasks have less than 30 subtasks. Wondering why this is an improvement?


They save money on CPU I guess :slight_smile: The less tasks is select at once the cheaper is processing is for them

I agree. I commented on the related issue which is that many people don’t want their custom fields copied down to all the sub-tasks.

If it’s a CPU issue, at least disabling the custom field on the sub-tasks will mean that there is no deprecation in functionality for how people were using the SUM feature previously.

Same problem here, when I select multiple tasks i cannot see the sum of a numeric custom field called Story Points :frowning:

This morning I’am pretty sure that i’ve seen this new panel with the sum but I cannot see it anymore


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Reached out to Asana support and they told me that:

a) this is the expected behavior for the software (read: we did this on purpose and are not going to change it any time soon)


b) the “work-around” solution is to create multiple copies of the same task and split the subtasks (e.g. TASK X - Continued)

This is absurd. The entire point of Asana’s organizational system is to keep things within project/tasks/sub-tasks, so you can see at a glance what needs to be done and when. The sum/average feature is essential in that regard–it can tell you how many hours are left on a project, how much money has been spent, or any other quantifiable data point.

I don’t see the point in removing this feature and the work-around doesn’t seem to align with Asana good practices.

Most important, they didn’t provide a reason for the change.

So infuriating!


Was this functionality removed entirely? We dont longer have it even we selecting 5 tasks

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Posted about this to Summation for multiple selected tasks no longer works as well

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Crap, we pay a lot of money so it shouldn’t be CPU issue. VPS costs per month is less than 1 Asana seat! I think it’s a good opportunity to migrate to ClickUp or something else

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Are there any news regarding this issue? I just got into using Asana for bigger projects and the sum-up feature on tasks with more than 30 sub-taks is essential for us…I dont get the point :frowning:

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Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:

“Approval” task breaks “Column Function” in a section when the tasks are sorted by “None”.

Steps to reproduce:

In a section try to have “Approval” tasks mixed with normal tasks, sort by “None”.

Browser version:

Chrome and App. Not browser-related.

Upload screenshots below:

It works if not sorted by “None”

It breaks when sorting by “None”

When sorting by “None”, move the approval task in a section that has no approvals and observe the column with function breaking

That does look like an issue. Have you contacted support @Rosario_Messina

Thanks for the report @Rosario_Messina,

I’ve gone ahead and filed a bug. I’ll be in touch here as soon as I have an update!

@Rosario_Messina could you confirm how many subtasks your approvals have by any chance?

@Marie I think Product might be on the right track :slight_smile:

These Approval tasks are part of a very unusual but effective workflow; in fact, they contain 31 Subtasks. When the task gets approved, it triggers a rule that creates a project out of it (just to explain at a high level why there are so many Subtasks).


Thanks @Rosario_Messina! Our team just confirmed this is product limitation.

With “None” sort applied, Asana aggregate the custom field value from the subtasks, but it limit that aggregation to 30 subtasks and won’t display a value if any task has more than 30 subtasks.

We’re always working toward pushing these limits, but until we can do something for this specific limitation I hope you can trim down this set of subtasks to 30.

I’m moving this thread to the Product Feedback for now and will edit the title accordingly :slight_smile:

Thank you @Marie for clarifying; it’s good to know about the limitation, this is a pretty rare use case too :slight_smile:

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This really needs to be fixed. Just cross-posted when I uncovered this recently with the Estimated Time rolloup which is functionality obsolete now with this limitation. This is actually a VERY common use case if people use longer templates or recurring subtasks. I see discussions like this and I cringe a bit when this product is stated to be Enterprise-grade which by definition has a substantially higher volume of data and must have higher limits than those imposed on a thread like this that are more suited for say a small business. @Marie

@Brock_Taylor while we wait for Asana to push these limits, if you need a solution today, I suggest looking at the Analytics & Reports add-on by Screenful. With Screenful, you can roll-up values from any of your numeric custom fields, including time-tracking fields, from an unlimited number of subtasks.

Here’s an example table showing a list of tasks with rolled-up values from subtasks:

You can learn more about tracking Asana subtasks with Screenful from this guide.