Calculate field sum across multiple sections

Is there a way to calculate the sum of an individual field across multiple sections within a project?

I work for a magazine and am hoping to keep track of project expenses and page count in this way. We have each magazine story listed as a task, and our sections represent different workflow stages (editorial, design, etc). So I’m able to see total page count and total expenses within a section, but not for an entire issue.

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Hi @Sumanth_Prabhaker , welcome to the forum :wave:

You can use the ‘Dashboard’ tab of your project, where you can create column charts or numbers charts that can draw all sorts of data from your projects like total values (sums) of number fields like expenses or page counts that you appear to be using.

Have a look at the relevant article in the Asana guide here

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Charts are not available in the free version. Any alternative?

Hi @Mathina_Maideen , welcome to the forum :wave:

Sorry, there’s no other alternative that I’m aware of if you are on the Basic/Personal tier.
You would need to upgrade to Starter to get Dashboards.