See a list of tags?



That’s a lot of similar tasks! I used to have really generic titles like that for tasks/subtasks until I ran into problems like that - where your tasks or others’ were cluttered and hard to understand at a glance.

Honestly, what I suggest is just setting up your recurring task (or subtask) to have a more specific action. In your example, it would say like ‘serve breakfast to smith’s dogs’ or ‘smiths dogs - serve breakfast’. You’d only have to set it up once, then set that subtask to repeat upon completion like a normal task.

Just some ideas!


Great way to see the new tags… was also looking for a way to stop the auto-populate of old tags.


Assign a tag you want to remove to a task, then click on the tag icon. A list of all tasks with this tag should appear. Click on the Arrow beside the list title and choose “Delete Tag”.

I also would appreciate the possibility to show a list of all existing tags from a team and/or the organization, i.e. accessible via the team/organisation settings.


You find ab better explanation here:


Hi new user here.
Are tags & their assigned colors universal to the organization? Or are they defined soley within projects?

For instance, if I create a tag for Marketing in red in Team X Project 1 can I then go to Team Y, Project 2 and create a tag for Budgets in red?

Also, for feedback, I’d just like to echo the sentiments of some of the previous posters that having the See Tag List back would be extremely helpful. I don’t see my team taking the time to go to a directory of tags to see which one they need to use or make sure it doesn’t already exists and everyone will be creating their own tags. It’ll be tag chaos. It also seems counter-productive to add an extra step for me to create/maintain a directory plus for them to search it. /2¢.


Hi @Crystal_Alifanow - welcome to the Community! Thank you for your feedback.

Tags and their assigned colors can be changed manually by double clicking on a tag. When you double click on the tag you’ll be taken to a tag management area. Just click on the drop down arrow to change the highlight color.


+10 to being able to access a list of existing tags without having to go through the API. The autocomplete for tags is helpful for team members finding tags to use, but as someone managing projects I really need to see all the tags used in that project to be able to manage & prune them. Preferably I would also be able to see how many tasks (open or closed) have that tag as well.


Just a note that while you can change colors, tags I believe are the same color organization-wide. Meaning you can’t have a budget tag be red for one project and blue for another. @Alexis can correct me if I’m wrong, though =)


The key is to make sure that you go to the tab settings project, click the drop down arrow in the top right, enter Highlight Color, and un-check “set for everyone.” This means the color can be variable.


I am adding Tags to Sendana, As I do not use Tags very much (use custom fields), could someone tell me if Tags are unique to a project or when you add a new tag is it available to the entire organization. I seem to recall it is the latter but need confirmation.



Thank you so much! I feel kinda stupid now :smiley:


Hehe no need! We’re all hear learning new things together.


Hi all,

I’m just getting started with Asana and I’d like to know what some example are of useful tags and best practices for using tags. When should I use a tag vs a project? For example, should all items in the marketing project be tagged as marketing as well?

I understand tagging things as urgent but I’m struggling with other useful tags.

Screenshots would be welcomed!


Thank you! Why on earth isn’t this solution shown in the Help pages? And did you stumble across it by accident? :slight_smile:


Hi Peter,
I use tags for gathering up ‘types’ of tasks across projects. So for example if I have a bunch of projects going, and they all have a client meeting somewhere in the middle of them, I can tag each project’s meeting task with “Client Meeting.” Then, if I favorite that tag (or build a search with it), one click will give me a list/calendar of all my tagged client meetings, for all projects.

Another example: I work in pharma marketing, and every Wednesday our client holds med/legal review meetings. Our work has to go through these meetings, so we have to track a) what is being submitted for review for the following week, and b) what is being reviewed in the current week. I use a “MLR” tag on my “submit” and “review” tasks, so again, with one click I can easily see everything that is happening on those Wednesdays.

Hope that helps!


I am adding Tags to Sendana including adding new ones on the fly and selecting their color. I use them very little opting for Custom Fields but I know a great deal use them especially if they do not have the Premium Edition. Could someone tell me when Tags are selected does it make available tags across the entire Organization or just the Project. Thanks, new feature out shortly.


Hi @Peter_Tight

I rarely use tags, opting mostly for custom fields, but I do use them as part of my performance reviews.

In our organisation, we have 8 behaviours that we have to demonstrate as part of our roles. I’ve set up a tag for each one. I have a private workspace, shared with my manager, and within that I have a different project for every one-to-one review. Each task is an example of a ‘highlight’ in my work, and I tag each one with the relevant behaviours. I’ve added all tags to my favourites, so I can access a list of every task associated with that tag, across all projects. Then, when it comes to my 6-month or annual review, I can pull out specific examples related to each behaviour.

I could accomplish the same thing with custom fields, but this just felt a bit simpler to set up.


@Mark_Hudson when you go to choose a tag does it show tags available across the whole organization, only the ones used in the current project or some other. @Alexis I could use your help on this also please.


That’s a good question. If there is some sort of a restriction, it would also be nice to know how we can organize this structure to make sure all necessary tags are available to the respective person.


The reason I need to know this is so I have the right design in Sendana.