How do you add a tag when you add the initial information to a task

When I create a task in Asana, I can add some basic information like the title of the task, project, due date, assignee, add an attachment, etc. I cannot, however, figure out how to add a tag without first creating the task, reselecting the task, and then adding the task–e.g., select the three dots and use tab + t. Is there a way to add a tag to a task when I initially create it?

If you are creating in list view, go to fields at the top and turn Tags on, it is usually off.

Then you can type the tag directly in the field without opening the task.

If the task is open you can use Tab+T as a shortcut


Thank you.

Is there a way to do add tag directly when you first create a task with the plus sign next to the search window and new task window is opened?

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Hi @Julian_C_Gomez,
This is currently not possible in the Asana UI.

There is a relevant feature request so you can upvote it to increase the possibility of implementing the feature:

P.S. If you use Asana API to create a task, we have the option to add tag(s) upon creation.