New! Take actions in Asana directly from your email notifications

Hi all,

I’m excited to announce we’re currently testing new dynamic email notifications to help you stay connected with your team in Asana without leaving your email inbox! With these new email notifications, you can take basic actions in Asana directly from your email notifications, allowing you to do light work in Asana without having to log in.

These actions include:


  1. Like a task
  2. Like a comment on a task


  1. Like a Message
  2. Like a comment on a Message

Status Update

  1. Like a Status Update
  2. Like a comment on a Status Update


  1. Like a Goal
  2. Like a comment on a goal

The A/B test has already begun and providing everything goes well, we will make these new email notifications available to all Asana customers (free and paid) in mid-August. Stay tuned for updates!

Our team is already considering adding more actions to these emails, but if you’re lucky to be enrolled in the initial A/B test, we look forward to hearing your feedback in the comments below!


Can you enroll us?

We’d love to be ‘lucky’ :wink:


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I can’t I’m afraid @lilrkt, but we’re aiming to roll it out to all our customers by mid-August, so not long to wait :slight_smile:


I love this idea! I saw my colleague has this option but I don’t for some reason. Has this already fully rolled out?

Yes please!