Featuer Request: Filterable Activity Emails



I get a lot of email from Asana, and some are more important to me than others. I really want to see new comments on tasks, especially if I’m tagged in the comment. But if someone changes the due date, or moves a task to a new column in a board, that’s less urgent.

I would like to be able to use gmail filters to put some notifications at the top of my inbox, and bury others. But Asana makes this hard to do because the emails all look the same - there doesn’t seem to be a foolproof way to identify what type of notification it is. They all have “Assigned to You” in the subject, and a very similar format.

What would really help would be something in the header or body that would clearly identify what prompted the notification. So this could be something like:

  • “Notification: New Comment”
  • “Notification: Due Date Changed”
  • etc.

Then it would be straightforward to create whatever email filters I wanted based on this.



Agreed. I currently have my email notifications turned off because I can’t sift through them to weed out the important ones. Asana notification emails literally filled up my inbox. Right now, I just manually click on my Asana Inbox and quickly scan the messages there. @Matthew 's suggestion is a good one; in fact, I do the same things with emails I send to colleagues: I create a consistent subject line for the particular thread or topic so that they are easily searchable (or filterable) if one ever needs to refer back to it.


Looking for the same, some more identifying information in the notification emails that can then allow me to filter them into specific folders, etc.

For instance, I’d like to [be given the option to] include the Team Name somewhere so that I can fire them into the appropriate folders in Outlook.


This would be a great workaround. Even better in conjunction with more granular notification settings within Asana.