Improve format of email notification for new comment on task

Hi there!

First off, I really love Asana. Great product.

I think the email notifications need some work. For example, if someone leaves a comment on a task assigned to you, the email subject reads:

Assigned to You: {taskTitle} [{taskBoard}] [{taskBoard}]

This gives me no idea that the reason for the notification is “There is a new comment.”

Secondly, let’s look at the hierarchy of this notification:

The actual thing I care about, the comment’s message, is hidden between a restatement of the projects, task title, and other data. In fact, I’m fairly certain it is the 2nd smallest text on the page.

This makes it not skimmable.

Minor feedback, I have to scroll in the Outlook desktop client to see the comments text content.

Hi @Tyler_Zey and thank you so much for sharing your feedback with us :slight_smile:

I’ve gone ahead and escalated a task to our team to make sure your feedback will be taken onboard for future update! I’ll make sure to keep you posted here once I have some news!